Branded Generic Manufacturer In India

Following the expiration of the patents on the original medications, and of course only if they meet FDA requirements, generic medications become available for purchase. We therefore strictly adhere to all such compliances as a leading generic drug manufacturing company in India. Branded generics and authorized generics are frequently confused, but they are not the same. Pramiscure Pharmaceuticals are the top branded generic medicine manufacturer in India and are well known all over the nation for our on-time delivery services.

You no longer need to check several websites to compare prices before placing an order because we offer a large selection of branded generic medications. Pramiscure Pharmaceuticals is able to provide you with the most competitive, up-to-the-minute pricing for all branded generic medicines in India. Being the top generic medicine manufacturing company in India, we strictly adhere to the following standards when producing our generic medications:

  • Making use of highly efficient components.

  • superior ingredients, both active and inactive.

  • Highest standards for storage precautions.

  • Elevated benchmarks for testing.

Pramiscure Pharmaceuticals and Branded Generics

Despite the fact that there are branded medications available to treat common ailments like the common cold, headaches, body aches, some vitamin deficiencies, etc., these medications end up burning a large hole in our wallets. As a result, there are companies like Pramiscure Pharmaceuticals that produce generic medications and export them to all corners of the globe.

We provide generic medicines that are both effective and affordable. Our products satisfy a range of provider needs, whether they are for specialty pharmaceuticals, generic brands, over-the-counter medications, or generic pharmaceutical products with a time limit. We are able to ship these products to a broad range of providers across the country thanks to our extensive distribution network.